Blazers are a must-have in your closet. Why? It works with everything and will literally never be unfashionable. Add one of our blazers to the others at home and be prepared for this season’s events.

Let blazers be your savior

When we think of blazers we often imagine the classic office look. Dark colors, hair up and a pair of glasses. It is nothing like that anymore. Those times are over and we use our blazers for every outfit now. Actually it can be your savior on a busy day. In just seconds you can change from a casual outfit to a business look - just by adding a blazer. 


That is why blazers should always be part of your wardrobe. It is one of those things that you must have and once you have one - you cannot live without it. It is a reality that blazers go well with everything. Perfect with a pair of chinos for work. Summer dress and an oversize blazer? Cute! And the perfect outfit for a birthday party. Meeting up with a friend? Blazers are a safe choice every time!


The perfect blazer

Our blazers are available in a variety of different designs and materials. We have the classic blazer with the fit that shows all your beautiful shapes and it is always a winner at work or for other formal arrangements. The most popular tones for the classical blazer are often the darker ones - such as navy blue and black. Add a pair of light colored pants and you get a completely different look for another time!

Make it your own 

Blazers have paved their way into the fashion industry and they have come to stay! Make your blazer your own by adding your personal style to it. The classical blazer look isn't for everybody - and that's fair. Instead, by your blazer a couple of sizes too big and give it an oversized look. Then combine them with our cropped jeans, a neutral t-shirt and you are ready for a day out. 

Trend of the seasons 

At FREEQUENT we are always up to date on this season's trends. Our blazers are always customized to the season’s colors, materials and designs. That is why you will always be able to find blazers that match your exact style - no matter if you prefer the business casual look for work or a trendy outfit for a day out with the girls.